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Home Tomorrow provides families and individuals with a wide variety of furniture and home furnishings AT NO COST to the recipient.


An authorization from a Partner Agency is required before a prospective recipient can make an appointment to shop and select their home furnishings.


If you or someone you know is need of home furnishings, click HERE.

Social service agencies wishing to partner with us, see below.

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Submitting a Referral for a Client


Partner Agencies and their representatives requesting an appointment for their clients to shop and receive our household furnishings free of charge must first register with Home Tomorrow.

Also, a Client Referral Form for each client household must be submitted to Home Tomorrow in order to request a shopping appointment.

3 Primary Requirements

of a Partner Agency Representative


Prior to receiving authorization to receive free home furnishings, it is the responsibility of all Partner Agencies to ensure the 3 following requirements from their clients:

1)  Prior to the scheduled appointment, your client must secure transportation (i.e., U-Haul) large enough to take away ALL items at the time of selection;​​

​(As resources permit, we offer financial assistance, subject to our pre-approval and terms and conditions which can be found HERE)​​

2)  Prior to ordering, your client must arrange for the help and assistance needed to load, unload and carry furnishings to their final destination. We do not hold selections for pick up at a later time.


All selections must be taken away at the scheduled time of appointment.

Home Tomorrow cannot provide assistance to load your truck at our dock. Also, your client must determine in advance that the dimensions of large furnishings (i.e., sofa & dining table) will fit through doorways and stairwells of the home; and

3)  Ensure that your client arrives on time on the date and time of the scheduled appointment. Cancellations and no-shows will harm other waiting families in need and will impact your client’s ability to shop Home Tomorrow in the future. Clients arriving for their private shopping appointment early may have to wait, and clients arriving late for their pick-up time will not be served. Please see our Terms of Service.

How It Works

1)  Registration. Partner Agencies must first receive authorization to become a Partner Agency. The registration process can be found HERE.

2)  Client Referral Form. (After registration) Partner Agency Representative submits a Client Referral Form. The form qualifies and quantifies to us your client’s needs. Prior to submitting the form, the Partner Agency must ensure the 3 primary client requirements listed above are met.

3)  Confirmation is issued. Home Tomorrow emails the Partner Agency Representative confirmation of the appointment date and time, which allows the client to privately shop and select household items in a compassionate and dignified manner absolutely free of charge.

As a result, a cold shelter is turned into a warm home and our landfills are spared. Hence, our community becomes more stable and sustainable.

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Any organization or individual can refer those in need to a Partner Agency. Referral sources include faith organizations, government agencies, medical care providers, neighbors, and more, Simply refer the family to any one of the authorized Partner Agencies listed HERE.

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