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Transportation Assistance

Terms & Conditions

Home Tomorrow is able to provide financial assistance to recipient families and individuals in need of transporting our home furnishings received. Below are the terms and conditions by which we can provide financial reimbursement.

1)  Financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis and as financial resources dictate.

2)  Preapproval arranged with Home Tomorrow by the Partner Agency is required. Reimbursement cannot be provided without PRIOR authorization. Partner Agencies are welcome to contact us for any request.

3)  Reimbursement will be considered only for use with a known commercial truck rental service (i.e., U-Haul, Hertz-Penske, Ryder, Enterprise) for the purposes of acquiring home furnishings at Home Tomorrow on the date and time of appointment, arriving on time with assitance required to safely load furnishings, and not for any other purpose.

4)  Any obligation by Home Tomorrow to provide reimbursement will be voided for missed appointments. (15 minutes late is considered a missed appointment.)


5)  Reimbursement will be limited to $30.00, regardless of additional transportation expenses incurred (i.e., additional day expense, fuel expense, insurance expense, mileage fees, packing materials, tolls, parking violations, etc.).

6)  The front page of the rental agreement must be presented to Home Tomorrow AT TIME OF PICK UP for reimbursement to be considered. The front page of the rental agreement must display the following:

  • Name and addreess of individual renting vehicle,

  • Date of truck rental,

  • Rental contract number

  • Rental cost/rate per-day

7)  Reimbursement will be made payable to the individual named in the truck rental agreement and mailed to the address on the truck rental agreement.

8)  Reimbursement shall not exceed one family/individual household per lifetime.

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