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Terms of Service

Partner Agencies: Please impart these 12 Terms of Service to your Client Families. Our goal is to provide our services to EVERYONE in need. These Terms of Service will help ensure that as many people in need as possible throughout our community will be served.

1. Referral from a Partner Agency Required. Any person or family in need of our services must obtain an appointment through their Partner Agency representative. Partner Agency: Simply email us a completed Client Referral form to We will contact you to confirm your client’s private shopping appointment. APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION MUST BE RECEIVED FROM HOME TOMORROW AFTER SENDING A CLIENT REFERRAL.

2. Only One Appointment Change Permitted. We understand that life happens. Therefore, we will allow an appointment to be rescheduled on one occasion if made more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. However, an appointment cannot be canceled more than once without consequence. After the first cancellation, the Client must wait to reschedule their appointment (see below). Therefore, please ensure that your clients keep their scheduled appointments. Any appointment cancellation MUST be made via email: No phone call cancellations, please.

3. Appointment Changes Within 24 Hours of Scheduled Appointment Must Wait 30 Days to Reschedule. No appointment can be canceled within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment. Otherwise, they must wait 30 days to request a new appointment, again, only through the Partner Agency.

4. Arrive Early for Your Appointment. We kindly ask that clients arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. We may be able to serve them early. If a client arrives more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointment, regardless of the reason, on the first occasion, they will have to wait ONE MONTH to reschedule their appointment. On the second occasion, they must wait TWO MONTHS to reschedule. If they fail to show without advance notice on any occasion or if on the third occasion they are late, they will have to wait ONE FULL YEAR to reschedule their appointment. There are too many people in our community in need and it is too costly to set aside the time to reschedule and serve a single client/client family who fails to keep an appointment. In all instances, submission of a new appointment request is required.

5. First-Come, First Served. All home furnishings are available to Client families on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not have the capacity to hold items for pick up at a later time or date. Therefore, Clients must come to their appointment prepared to take away their selections AT THE TIME OF SELECTION.

6. Arrange for Transportation and Assistance. Clients must arrive at their appointments with the assistance and vehicle needed to load and transport ALL of their home furnishings at the time of selection. We will gladly stage client selections at the loading dock, but cannot load items into clients' vehicles. Financial assistance may be available to assist those in need. Please see our our Financial Assistance.

7. Client Referral Authorization Valid for 30 Days. Client referrals are valid for up to 30 days from the date of authorization or date of appointment, whichever occurs last. After 30 days, a new authorization and Client Referral request must be submitted.

8. One-Time Service Only. As a general rule, a client household (individual or family) may receive our donated home furnishings only once per lifetime (which includes up to 2 appointments to acquire items not previously selected - see below). Our goal is to serve EVERY family in need. Only after all other referred families are served will a client household be eligible to receive our services on a second occasion, and only then may they be eligible for home furnishings not previously received.

9. No Guarantee of All Selections in Stock. Our inventory is limited by available space and the volume of donations received at any given time. However, we are very fortunate to constantly receive new donations from generous donors throughout our great community. If a client is authorized to receive certain home furnishings, which are not available at the time of the appointment, the Client may schedule a second appointment within 30 days of the scheduled appointment to select authorized furnishings not previously selected.

10. Eligible for Two Appointments Only. Clients may return once within 30 days of their scheduled appointment to acquire additional items authorized by the Partner Agency not previously selected. Like the 1st appointment, a second appointment must be scheduled through the Partner Agency and confirmed by Home Tomorrow. Clients may not return to acquire additional authorized items after the second appointment.

11. Recipient Agrees to Terms of Donation Agreement. Any person or family receiving donations and services from Home Tomorrow hereby agrees to the terms of the DONATION AGREEMENT, which can be found here.

12. Photographic/Recording Release. Any person or family receiving donations and services from Home Tomorrow hereby grants and conveys unto Home Tomorrow all right, title and interest in any and all photographs and video/audio/electronic recordings of me, including as to my name, image, and voice, made by or on behalf of any of the Released Parties during my Activities with Home Tomorrow, including, but not limited to, the right to use such materials for any purpose and to any royalties, proceeds or other benefits derived from them. I understand that I will not have any ownership interest in or to such photographs, images and/or recordings, I have not been provided or promised any compensation to me, and I hereby waive any rights, privileges, or claims based on any right of publicity, privacy, ownership or any other rights arising, relating to or resulting from the photographs, images and/or recordings. I understand and agree that this paragraph also applies to my minor child(ren).

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