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Register as a Partner Agency Representative

Partner Agencies and their representatives requesting an appointment for their clients to shop and receive our household furnishings must first be registered with Home Tomorrow.

To register as a Partner Agency Representative, CONTACT US:

A member of our team will schedule a brief orientation of our mission, the requirements and expectations of the Partner Agency representative in order to ensure a successful and sustainable donation process. Following the one-time orientation, the Partner Agency representative will be registered and will be able to refer all clients in need of home furnishings as desired.

Partner Agency Requirements:

  • Registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

  • Must be in good standing with IRS as a tax exempt organization

Partner Agency Representative Expectations:


Ensure that your client/client family fulfills the following 3 requirements:


1)  Arrange Transportation. Prior to the scheduled appointment, your client must secure transportation (i.e., U-Haul) large enough to take away all items selected; (As resources permit, we offer financial assistance, subject to our pre-approval and terms and conditions. Terms and conditions for reimbursement can be found HERE.) 

2)  Arrange for Moving Assistance. Prior to ordering, your client must arrange for the assistance needed to load, unload and carry furnishings to their final destination. 

All selections must be taken away at the scheduled time of pick-up.

We cannot hold selections.

Home Tomorrow cannot guarantee the assistance to load your truck at our dock. Also, your client must determine in advance that the dimensions of large furnishings (i.e., sofa & dining table) will fit through doorways and stairwells of the home; and

3)  Arrive on time. Your client must make sure to arrive on time on the date and time of the scheduled appointment. Cancellations and no-shows will harm other waiting families in need and will impact your client’s ability to shop Home Tomorrow in the future. Clients arriving for their pickup appointment early may have to wait, and clients arriving late for their pick-up time might not be served. Please see our Terms of Service.

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