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For nearly 30 years, we quietly constructed homes for families seeking affordable home ownership together with interest-free mortgages. Unfortunately, because of the cost and time to build each home, we had the capacity to serve only one, two or three families at a time.


Then, after Covid hit, everything stopped, which gave us pause to reassess the more immediate needs of our community. As a result, we changed our mission, and with it our name, to Home Tomorrow.


Today, rather than build homes for one or two or three families at a time, we now furnish homes - free of charge - for hundreds of individuals and families in need each year - taking one person's "extra" and turning it into another person's "only", and by so doing, sparing our local landfills of needless waste, a solution that provides greater impact for our community - strength, stability, sustainability.

We have no geographical boundaries previously restricted by our Habitat for Humanity affiliation; rather, today, we are able to partner with scores of nonprofit organizations, social service agencies and faith communities anywhere - including Habitat - to serve their clients in need with free home furnishings.

For more than two years we have operated our mission out of a storage facility - yes, ironically, we, ourselves, are currently homeless. Despite this barrier, still, on June 13th, we celebrated our 700th success story. Once we find our angel and secure our permanent home, our goal will be to spare our landfills of needless waste while serving more than 1,000 families and individuals each year.

Please help us find a permanent home!


(With many hands make light work.)


Our Story

What we've done over the past 29 years, and where we're going now.

Our Mission & Vision

Helping one family at a time.

How It Works

Our process of receiving and giving.

About Us

HOME TOMORROW aims to provide a full range of donated furniture and home furnishings, free of charge, to help people in need make a home. We also operate a thrift store which proceeds help provide the financial support to serve our clients in need.


Throughout the Granite State, thousands of our neighbors are living without furniture and other basic furnishings, including beds, which most of us take for granted, many of whom are families with children.


Many of the people who need home furnishings are recently homeless, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, the underemployed, refugees, victims of disaster or catastrophic medical costs, or those simply coping with illness or disability.


Through the efforts of our Agency Partners, finding and securing housing is made possible, which is essential for health, well-being, and stability, but shelter is only the first step.


Home Tomorrow partners with qualified agencies, which helps to provide a sense of comfort and dignity to those of us who could use a “hand-up”.


Our 5-year goal is to reach every corner of our Great State of New Hampshire to convert thousands of shelters into homes, and to provide tens of thousands of home furnishings to those in need, which might otherwise end up in our landfills.


Our ability to serve our neighbors in need is made possible only through the dedication of volunteers and generous donors like you.

Please join us in our commitment to helping build sustainability and community, and to make shelters today into homes tomorrow.

Become a part of our success...

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