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Starting with the really good news - upon popular request, we're staying in the Manchester area!  And we have a temporary location.

However, given the short notice to vacate the space we have occupied for the past several years, the stars did not align in time for us to move directly into a new permanent space, and we've had to think “outside the box”.

In an effort to continue our mission of serving those in need, our store and donation operations will be temporarily located in Bedford. Furniture and other donated home furnishings will be received and distributed out of a climate-controlled storage facility and all customer and client pickups for all purchased and donated merchandise will be by appointment only.

We are happy to announce that the distribution of home furnishings for those in need will continue, with minimum interruption jointly with our social service agency partners.

Home Tomorrow will also continue our thrift store merchandising virtually (eCommerce transactions only). In many ways, it will be similar to how we ran operations during the initial Covid shutdown in 2020.


We will post all items as they are received, though the types of items available for purchase will be more limited due to space limitations. Of course, our customers will reserve the right to change their minds regarding any purchase made upon inspection at the time of pickup.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to advancing our mission to help make shelter today into a home tomorrow!


Our Story

What we've done over the past 29 years, and where we're going now.

Our Mission & Vision

Helping one family at a time.

How It Works

Our process of receiving and giving.

About Us

HOME TOMORROW aims to provide a full range of donated furniture and home furnishings, free of charge, to help people in need make a home. We also operate a thrift store which proceeds help provide the financial support to serve our clients in need.


Throughout the Granite State, thousands of our neighbors are living without furniture and other basic furnishings, including beds, which most of us take for granted, many of whom are families with children.


Many of the people who need home furnishings are recently homeless, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, the underemployed, refugees, victims of disaster or catastrophic medical costs, or those simply coping with illness or disability.


Through the efforts of our Agency Partners, finding and securing housing is made possible, which is essential for health, well-being, and stability, but shelter is only the first step.


Home Tomorrow partners with qualified agencies, which helps to provide a sense of comfort and dignity to those of us who could use a “hand-up”.


Our 5-year goal is to reach every corner of our Great State of New Hampshire to convert thousands of shelters into homes, and to provide tens of thousands of home furnishings to those in need, which might otherwise end up in our landfills.


Our ability to serve our neighbors in need is made possible only through the dedication of volunteers and generous donors like you.

Please join us in our commitment to helping build sustainability and community, and to make shelters today into homes tomorrow.

Become a part of our success...

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